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  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 22:37:35 +0100

Hi Sarah, oh I can't wait to try those crepes so hope I will be able to soon. 
OH yes all this talk of pancakes will have miss piggy warden throwing us all in 
jail again oh dear better watch out hahahaha. Oh that popcorn in microwave with 
caramel sauce so yummy that your parents used to do I would love that for sure. 
Ah bless you thinking of me when you bought those yummy chocolate orange sponge 
puddings something else I need to try that I know I will like. OH sounds like 
BB is getting exciting so let's hope Jedward win. Don't want Kerry winning 
either. I remember when she was married to Brian who used to be in Westlife and 
she had 3 kids with him I think. Well I will soon be in the land of nod. Have a 
good day tomorrow. Keep you posted on mine. Love Clare xxxx

HI Clare.

i'm glad you enjoyed your chill-out day and your tea especially that yummy airo 
moose and the twirls your Mum and DAd brought you back from their holiday so 
yummy. Oh yes I did think of you when i got those chocolate orange sponge like 
Senn and you I love things like lemon cake and lemon pancakes to but chocolate 
always comes first that's for sure. I hope you enjoy your chill-out tomorrow 
and the yummy chippy of course and that much needed medicine. OH I will also be 
looking out for those chocolate crepes that's what they call pancakes in France 
I love them. OH dear miss piggy boots won't be happy all this talk of pancakes 
hahaha. Its so long since I remember popcorn in the microwave my parents used 
to do it and i loved listening to it pop. We used to put hot caramel sauce over 
it to. OH I'd love to try Turkish food as well. Well we're down to the final 3 
now on Bb and Jedward are still in the house yea. I just hope Kerrie CAtona 
doesn't win she's a nut case I was never that keen on her. its just come on and 
Brian said the phone lines close for good in 4 minutes its getting exciting now.

Well take care.

Love Sarah xxxx

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