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  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 13:51:44 +0100

Hi Sarah, Oh yes it will be so cool for you and Jamie to meet each other's 
families for sure and how cool he spoke to your sister the other night. Oh good 
luck with getting her fixed up with a friend. How cool you sometimes speak to 
Jamie's aunts when he rings from there after dominoes. Well yes such a pain 
they didn't say what date in September home and away will be back but let's 
hope soon as we miss it for sure. Well I look forward to hearing how it goes at 
Quakers and hope you were able to have that picnic. It's showery here it's 
sunny one minute and raining the next. I'm having a normal chill out chocolate 
filled Sunday but look forward to being out for the day tomorrow with auntie 
Pearl keep you posted. Love Clare xxxx.

HI Clare.

OH yes we are well away for sure and I did nearly faint at the shock of yo 
still being up hahaha it goes to show what a difference it makes when telly is 
good tha's probably why I'm on a high tonight as well but Im' always on a high 
after speaking to Jamie of course.  OH I noticed they didn't say what date in 
September home and away was back either its so annoyng and it should be on all 
the time like the rest of the soaps for sure.  I hope Jamie wins dominoes to 
but of course its the taking part that  counts.  Some times he phones from his 
Aunts and they chat to me which is so lovely I can't wait to meet his family 
and for him to meet mine. He did say hello to my sister as he called me on my 
mobile last night while I was still at her flat which was lovely and she said 
he sounded nice.  We're trying to get her and one of our friends fixed up 
hahaha.  Well I'l probably be up for a bit longer to as its Saturday night 
after all.

Take care and speak to you soon.

Love Sarah xxxxxxxxx

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