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Hi sarah 
he is going to wave me tomorrow he has travelled to wimbledon tonight peace at 
long last hahahahahaha 
sleeping all alone tonight booboobooboo 
crying now boobooboo 
He weill have his beautiful white expensive designer shorts on wow oh wow 

Well yes that slow cooker book is only £3 for two volumes wow 
its braille or large print no cd's yet they are looking in to that.

got one thousands recipes in it cool 
Your gorgeous Gordeon weill be so occupied now won't he?
mean in the cooking hahahahehehehehehe 
oh yes send him to Britains best dish on itv 1 
that wa on for weeks when it comes back enter gordon for it cool yea 
cheerio mate 

Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Hi CArol.

Oh I hope Andy does well that's lovely he's going to wave to you on the Tv. 
That book sounds amazing I will definitely look in to it.

Take care.

Love Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx

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