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Scot my friend never called me Vanessa, Scot always called me V. Alright V, How 
you doing V etcetera.
Scot finished all his emails with I'll get me coat.
Scot helped everyone with Guide and Shane and Scot would always argue who was 
the best at Tech, probably both were the same or one was better at one thing 
than the other, but neither would give in lol, fun days.
Scot was full of energy and had so much built in him, he was like a teeny 
bopper ready to explode his hyper energy somewhere, until he was given the 
chance to burn it off in spectacular ways like one day he was emailing us on 
the Guide chat forum, I'm driving up the motorway, we going fast yippee, I'm 
going sailing. i'm going to dive off the ship, watch me, whoopee yippee splash, 
did you see me it was good.
then he was taking driving lessons and had his son with him in the car with the 
driving instructor and he would email us telling us everything he was doing, so 
full of excitement.
I gave him a full explanation of his surname Castledene, he is related down the 
line of King William, and he wrote to us asking anyone else related to royalty 
and no one answered, whoopee I'm the only one related to royalty, you could 
hear his excitement in his words he wrote, he was over the moon.
So many things to like about Scot would take a lifetime to write, sincere 
thoughts to all Scot's family and friends, to all that knew Scot for long time 
or short time will know the effects he had on us all.
Rest in peace Scot.

Vanessa The Google Girl.

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