[guide.chat] Phyllis

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 12:49:18 -0000

Hi phyllis 
yummy enjoyed my mushroom soup having pizza and chips and peas tonight yum 
oh your poor mum she is doing marvellous though phyllis despite her age 
ah bless her 

why not suggest a walking frame for her phyllis after all keep her balance 
if not perhaps a weel chair 

just posted my friends Jackies tape at lunch time 
our wayne posted it for me 

carer just rang me to tell me she is coming tomorrow horray 
bored bloody stiff here keep finding jobs 
my sink in kitchen must be the shinest sink in great britain washed it that 
much can see my face in it now hhahahahahahahaha 

sick of cleaning 
going to wash my couch now then polish coffee table and furniture then sort 
clothes out 
roll on tomorrow hahahahahaha 
right enjoy your day and keep that lovely attitude possitive one you have 
glad your vicky is settled down now 
hey phyllis 
my family got new nick name for me now 

constable police woman carol hahahahahahahaha 
or columbo 
just need a mac now to wear look like a detective hahahahahahaha 
going now to do more house work 
Love police woman carol x.x.x.x.

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