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  • Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 11:51:29 +0100

Hi phyllis 
How is your zoo coming on now hahahahahahaha 
I remember us being on mydaily living group and you had lots of animals 
what have you got all together now in your house 
tell us all what animals yu have now got 
is there any room for you hahahahahahahaha 
When i lived in mums house years and years ago we had 7 cats  black and white 
because our big cat called jessicca was a randy cat always having kitttens 
hahahahahaha never had dogs though but did have a budgie called Joey once 
brilliant then 

Weather is dull here going to rain and thunder soon so going to hide in the 
cupboard later on 

right going to do my jobs now got cleaning to do getting lazy sinced come on 
chat group oops oh dear neglecting my house work oh dear not good 
could do with a Robot to help me do all my house work for me 

Oh yes by the way everybody Phyllis makes beautiful cussions she made me all 
shade of green few month ago she mades lovely rugs for her family 
she is gifted with it.

By the way phyllis This lady made big rug for her 5 years old grandaughter its 
got orange winnie the poo all over it red jacket on it and black for the 
outline of rug so now just imagine orange winnie the poo with black wool 
covering all the back ground wow bet that is lovely 
black and orange looks lovely 
guess what!

she bought a frame from wilkinsons she is going to make square canvas picture 
of cottage and trees then put it in frame on wall mind you she has sight 
Hoe cool is that 
going to do my jobs now speak later on 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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