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  • Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 15:22:55 -0000

Hi All 
wow meeting was good this week.
Lady talked about Benifits etc 
council tax fines how we deal with family budgets such as shopping etc 
cut expensive luxeries out like posh i phones etc 
don't buy stuff for buying sake in the shops or stores go for buy one get one 
or go for the cheapest brands or two for price of one etc 
she talked about loans 
how you can pay back weekly like £5 a week.

talked about people getting in to dept and how the Baileys work 

Did you know if you are in terrible dept 
baileys come to talk to you in your home try to be symphathy with you but on 
there visit to you over cup of tea they are actually eyeing up what they can 
take in furniture wised the week after.

Did you know 
on their second visit they are allowed to forced there way in and take what 
ever they like for example your big tv 
they can even unplugg your washing machine too wow take anything away to make 
the ammount that you owe in dept 
you could phone police but not allowed to intervine 
oh wow they can charge you £70 for a van by taking somthing that will pay for 
there bringing van out 

if you definately don't let baileys in for weeks then your in court and your 
house get 
can't spell it but it means your house is taken from you goes to Aution wow 
Scary isn't it?
glad I have never been in dept 

Did you know over the age of 65 years old you can claim for Attendancy 
allowances now 

Oh it was good 
lot to take in though 
We had chicken and bacon sandwiches at miday and coffee 
I refused bacon 
just had cheese salad sandwiches yum yum yum 

Cold here now 
dry though 
Tonight having sheppard pie and boiled potatoes in tray in microwave and green 
beans yummy 

Take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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