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Hi Lynn,yes I think it was common practise to fasten left hands behind left 
handed people. They use to say left handed people were in leag with the devil.

Hay just think if were in the guides with you we could have practisd first aid 
on each other to get our badges. hehehehe.

Hope your keeping well.

love Malcolm. xxx.

Hi Malcolm,

Oh, I would love to have been in the Girl Guides with you, ha ha hee!  That 
would certainly have been different.  Well, getting thrown out of Brownies was, 
of course, nothing to be proud of really but, when you are nine or ten years 
old, you think everything you do is clever and I really didn't like the silly 
games we were expected to play.

Oh no, tying your hand behind your back was certainly no way to cure your left 
handedness and you would really think a teacher should have known better but 
they didn't in those days, did they?

I was often made to stay behind after meals as I wouldn't eat certain food but 
it didn't do any good as they couldn't make me eat stuff I didn't like.  



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