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Yes Carol, I agree with you there. If I didn't have mine I might as well be six 
foot under. Without it you would go from doing everything to doing nothing. No 
Education, no ability to read your post,no emails and most of all we would 
loose all our friends. like my girls that keep me going.

love Malcolm. xxxx.

Hyde, Cheshire,

skype name,

You Said.


Good morning all 
Yes my computer is my life line.
Its also a life saver too because one year we had power cut and my computer 
went off too for couple of days as well as all my electric and tv and radio and 
kettle and microwave oh wow just imagine how isolated I was .
When computer came back on it was like a miracle has happened to me lovely to 
see all my emails 
Strange isn't it?
but yes computer is so important it plays a very important part in our lives 
I found out abut different things and could email my chemist Doctors caerer 
sisters the most important people in my life.
For example 
Henshaws blind society send me emails if pat is not coming in so I am able to 
email them back straight away 

saved me a long wasted journey.

Also if i need my nephews to run to shop for me for milk as an emergencie they 
send me email back and say right carol on way 
Fantastic machines.

I can write to editors of magazines to ell them I have broken tapes then they 
send me email back to say sending me new one 
Its just amazing how quickly electronic leters travel with in couple of minutes 
around the world 
My friend from new zealand sent me email last night to say she got my 
correspondent tape 
wow isn't that marvellous our mails can travel as far as that?
Obviously I am good regarding to websights but look at all that we learn 

Don't need to go to School or college we can educate ourselves on here.

I just wish my two Aunties were alive because Auntie Joan from london and 
Auntie marjorie from surrey I would to love to have sent them emails but they 
both died one 8 years ago and one 6 years ago.

it would b great fun .

Right must dash now 
All enjoy your day what ever your doing 
bye ta ta ta 

Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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