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Good work Senn, We'll show her who's she's messing with. 

you said

Now look here you convict senn 

I do not like being messed about ok 
spat splat yuck swash oops just been sick on my dark green uniform 
now what the bloody hell did you put in my tea splash gone all over you serves 
you right 
now 5am in morning for you now  told you can't stand little ladies like you 
talking to me like this 
your not spending christmas now at home sorry 
so get used to it ok 
stop sobbing on my cells floor means that phyllis weill have to mop it up and 
its costing us money to run water 
going for decent cup of tea but making it myself this time hahahehehehehehehehe 
enjoy yourself in your cell luv 

Misery guts warden carol x.x.x.x.

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Hi warden,
oh, so your back?
I hope it rained all the time you were in France, hope you got thunder and 
lightening too.
What lovely duties you have for us. Smiles.
Wow! you don't trust us anymore? is that reason for the camera? you can't stay 
glued to it all the time. smiles.
Oh the message was so funny! had to read it again. smiles.
Not a good idea to have me making the tea, you don't know what else will go in 
the cup. smiles.
I'm going to sit in the corner and sob now.

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