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  • Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 23:58:44 +0100

Daring Dawn, did you hear that about Carol's humps. She said there full of 
goodies. If we put a coin in her mouth do you think we may get a choclate bar 
come out of her hump. No I'm not doing it. Your Daring Dawn, you have to do it. 
I'm just a nice guy. Never say anything me.

love Malcolm. xxx

Hi dawn 
hahahahahahahaha oh your so funny you know 
made me laugh their 
its funny you should say that 
yes was sick as a dog after my holidays 
and yes spot on longest day made me eat eat and eat 
now i look like i am 6 months pregnant like debbie in emmerdale or shall we say 
in my case 
9 months pregnant hhahahahahahahahahaha 
I feel like a camal two humps on top massive right now 
store my food in my humps as my stomach can't hold any more 
I look like a prat 

Love barmy carol xxxx 

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