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  • Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 14:36:53 +0100

HI Clare.

Its always lovely hearing from you and better late than never as we say hahah. 
I think the server must have been swallowing all these chocolaty emails coz 
last night some of mine took ages to get on the list as wel and even for 
Malcolm and CArol they were coming in later than they're usually up so lets 
hope the server goes on a diet today hahaha. Oh yes talking of chocolate Stebe 
put a message  on before you came back saying lets have a chocolate party we'll 
be in our element for sure.  Oh yes I did hear some-where that Brian and Delta 
have split up lets hope he's now reunited with his children and I hope Kerrie 
will now mend her ways having had that chance on BB and stay off drugs and 
drink for the sake of her children at least.  They have announce a surprise 
guest for the normal BB starting tonight Pamela Anderson is going in to the 
house people used to describe her as plastic but I haven't heard anything of 
her for years so it will be interesting to hear how she gets on.  Oh yes 
getting messy is always so much fun for sure and i bet our CArol will be doing 
that today with her art bless her. Well I had a good session at gym as always 
and got a free drink of lucasade sport as they had to many bottles to go in the 
machine and it was the gym manager who took me up to the gym shows there are 
perks to hanging out with the gaffer hahaha. I also then got a free cuppa 
because my taxi was very late picking me up and I was waiting he was taking an 
elderly man shopping and he was taking his time as they often do at that age 
bless them and Tescoes was busy  so it was nearly 2 when I finally got home. I 
hope you're enjoying your chil out as usual and I know you're looking forward 
to the yummy chippy as always. I was thinking of you last Friday when CArol had 
chippy as taht's what you'd normally be doing at home but I know all that 
homemade stuff is the best of course and I would bake and cook all the year 
round if I could.

Well take care and speak to you soon.

Love and hugs.

Sarah xxxxxxxx

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