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  • Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 22:29:57 +0100

HI Clare.

Just enjoyed my tika and BB of course and trying to reply to the latest lovely 
message Jamie put on the list and it keeps saying error with sending data I 
hate when it does that but it was lovely hearing from him as alwyas and hearing 
him sounding like he's back to his old self again he's getting there slowly 
bless him. He was being cheeky and cute and taht's always a good sign. I can't 
wait to talk to him when he gets back from Dominoes later.  I hope you enjoy 
your chill out day tomorrow and a lovely day out with Auntie Purl on Monday. 
Yes bank holidays can be so boring and I know some of us will be so glad when 
home and away is finally back on in a couple of weeks.  I  know we all have so 
much in common and the lists just get longer and longer I love it. It will be 
so much fun for us all to meet up some time next year maybe would be great. 
Just made a cuppa Indian food is lovely but always makes me thirsty I think 
they put a lot of salt in it. Yes I'm going to quakers tomorrow it will be 
lovely to see them all again since I was away last week and had the gig the 
week before I haven't been for a few weeks and I hope we get out for a meal 
again or maybe a picnic if the weather is nice. When I do these things I think 
of Jamie and how its even more amazing when I share them with him bless him. 
Well I bet you'll all tucked up in the land of nod now.

Take care and speak to you soon.

Love and hugs.

Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

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