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  • Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 20:04:54 +0100

Good Evening Malcolm. Oh so happy you have your clubs once a week I wish ours 
were once a week but then again we get 2 clubs in the same week so I suppose we 
can't have everything although I can try hahahahaha. It would be much better if 
we had both clubs spread out so that way we could have one each week. A 
fortnight is such a long time to wait. So glad you go walking once a month and 
the place you went to yesterday sounded so lovely. Oh I love your style there 
for sure hahahehehehehehe. So there are advantages of being in a wheelchair. 
You can enjoy the ride while the others do the huffing and puffing cool. Oh I 
love all the fun we have on here we are mad for sure but the madder the better 
I say. Malcolm I meant to say in my last message thank you so much for the 
belated birthday wishes better late than never of course hahahehehehehe. Well 
here's my day. Janet's blind club was lovely as always we are all so happy to 
be back after a month of not having the club we made up for lost time for sure 
it was lovely. We had the usual word games, quiz, play your cards right and a 
couple of number games but I'm not good at maths so I really lost the plot 
there. As long as I can count my money that's all that matters to me 
hahahehehehehehehe. Well not that I have that much to count of course. Oh if 
only. Well the others enjoyed that rotary tea party they all went to a 
fortnight ago which was the reason we had no club. Well for tea I had chicken 
nuggets with roast potatoes that my mum got from town while I was at club. I 
had that yummy aero mousse and a chocolate caramel bar later so getting my all 
important chocolate fix in a big way of course. Mum and dad ate out they had 
fish and chips good for them I say. Well I had a lovely surprise late birthday 
present come in the post this morning. It's something my mum ordered that 
didn't come on time for my big day typically but it's well worth waiting for. 
It's a knitting bag. I put my wool in the bag and my knitting when I'm not 
using it how cool. A lovely very useful present for me. It will keep my wool 
and knitting tidy so it doesn't get everywhere. Well I will be ready for a much 
needed chill out after a hectic but lovely few days. Oh I must explain that we 
don't have a name for the Wednesday club so we just call it Janet's blind club 
as she's the organiser. Chat again soon. Love Clare xxxx

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