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Clare, I could see until I was 22 years and Mike until, 4 and a half.
We don't do to bad but, it is nice to get help at times.
We aren't as lucky as some blind people.
We can't get allot of help so, we must do what we can.
I hope you get skype soon!
I can't find anyone on now!

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Hi Cathie, you certainly do amazing going places without sighted guides and 
good on you for managing to do that I admire you for that. It's just not the 
way of life I have been used to with being totally blind from birth. Have you 
and Mike had sight in the past? I wonder if that helps a lot. I know people 
totally blind from birth do travel independently but it must be a way of life 
they have been used to right from a young age so have been brought up with it. 
I know we are all different of course and have our own ways of doing things in 
the way we feel happy and comfortable with. For me it's having someone with me 
all the time. Oh it would be so cool if you lived near me we would have a ball 
for sure. I don't have skype yet. Love Clare

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