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  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 21:40:01 +0100

Well it would not be much of a story if everything was straight forward would 
it? so you will have to wait till next episode to find out what happens to 
them,yummy your ice cream sounded good I had another Mr Whippy with the 
chocolate flake in again today,weather really sunny and warm Dogs enjoyed the 
beach there were     a lot of  dogs on the beach this afternoon and my dogs had 
to go and  play with them,Yazz the young one came and sat with us for  no time 
at all as she wanted to be off to play with the other dogs,she came back rather 
sandy and we had to put her back into the sea to clean her off in the sea so 
that it would not be so hard when I got home, it would be no good entering her 
for crutf's mind you could enter her as the dirtiest lab in show hahahaha 
when I got home it was the big clean up a good job she does not mind it too 
much,well the joys of having a dog,
well you watch out for next episode tomorrow night and see what happens,
love from

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