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  • Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 20:41:44 -0000

I thought no one liked my stories being as I had not had any feed back on 
them,glad you like them,yes it is great walking on the beach everyday it blows 
the cobwebs off and clears the head,would you like come to join me,I will give 
you a walk on the beach,we walk down a nice lane under a viaduct which the 
trains run over in the summer that is steam trains,we then walk down a slipway 
onto the beach where there are usually a few other people walking their dogs, 
so all the dogs have fun chasing their toys,then we walk along the beach 
listening to the waves coming in and the wind blowing in our hair, we then walk 
up some steps onto the prom and walk along to the kiosk where they sell all 
kinds of refreshments and we have our ice cream,after that we walk back along 
the prom and then along the grass area where the dogs have another free 
run,then back up the lane to the car and home again for a nice cup of tea,
hope you liked your walk on the beach,
love from

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