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Thanks for sharing this lovely poem with us Malcolm

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Hi All,

Another poem for you.
How Dogs Were Named.

When God created Heaven and Earth He gave everything a name;.

First was man, then woman, And neither were the same. 

He named all the animals However large or small And every bird and insect.
And those that could only crawl. 

He named each fish and everything That lived in river and deepest sea And then 
he heard a small voice say, 'God, have you no name for me?'

God touched that noble head and said, 'From now on you'll be known.

As mankind's greatest friend Because you were the faithful one Who followed me 
to the end. 

You will help the shepherd.
Tend hirs flock of sheep.

You will rescue men from the mountain, From avalanche, flood and fire.

You will work with the police And keep your loved ones safe. 

To please is your only desire.

You will bring much joy and happiness To the lonely, old, sick and in pain. 

You will be the ears of the deaf.

The voice of the dumb.

And a companion of the lame.

'Dog, I give you my name in reverse; said God, 'For you'll do so much for 

But the most precious gift you will always be, Is a guide dog for the blind:.

By Violet Pick, Canada.

Submitted by Malcolm Bowker.

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