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Good evening sir malcolm 
Oh your so funny woman mad sex on the brain hahahehehehehe 

oh wow your day in day centre sounded nice loved your dinner there that young 
girl maggie sounded nice 
oops dangerous there her wearing mini skirt hahahehehehehe she needs to be 
warned now 
Oh yes you asked me question 
Yes it that deafblind centre that me and elaine went to years ago 
well its been modernised now wow great elaine is sick now she lives too far now 
near wigan 
so she can't come now oh dear not good nobody can pick her up as our mini bus 
driver told she is out of the boundery 
way out actually Right take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Good afternoon all. Well got up this morning and got myself ready to face the 
day. Bus came as usual and on I got. Gave the girls their morning kiss as they 
seem to expect it these days, they complain if they don't  get one. So, a man 
has to do what a man has to do. Hehehehe. Arrived at club and in I went to be 
greeted with my cup of tea. Shaken not stird. Ilien  on my left and the new 
lovely Maggie on my right. Now I must tell you about Maggie. She is a student 
aged nineteen, Studying to be a social worker. She is nice and slim, and wears 
mini skirts and black boots, and she  is assigned to look after me. Lovely. She 
helps me with the bingo and quiz game and anything else I require. Wi went on 
the computer. I was showing her how guide works and looking on the Internet to 
find her something on how to learn Braille. We found it and she was very 
pleased. In return I am going to teach her about life. Hehehe  She brought me 
my dinner, which was mash, roast, mushy peas and boiled ham. very nice. Then 
she brought my cup of tea. What a lovely girl. If only she was fifty years 
older. Hehehehe. I think she shed a little tear when I had to go. Boo hoo. Wave 
Then I came home and made a pot of coffee and fussed my Casper the cat. Then 
with him on my knee I settled down to do these emails. That's my day up to now.

love Malcolm. xxx

love Malcolm. xxxx.

Hyde, Cheshire,

skype name,

You Said.

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