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  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 22:44:46 +0100

Take your shorts off and I'll dry them in the dryer.Carol your a walking 
disaster. That wasn't your tea you picked up it was my water sample bottle for 
the doctor. Look you've broken my door now. Don't come here again you cheeky 
bugger. Go on get back to where you come from.

love Malcolm. xxx

Hi sweet boy 

can I come in?

Thank you 
 yuck no thanks do not like cat pee oops sorry didn't realise you said 
chinese tea 
oh before i make arragements can you just do me 4 barmcakes with tuna and sweet 
corn please cup of tea 4 sugars 

oh no malcolm no 
you got no bloody handle on your mugs oh for god sake 
look what you done 
spilt it all over my nice red white and blue shorts 

oh honestly 
bloody annoyed now 
Oh no don't wipe me dry with your hankercheif 
its dirty 

Honestely you men useless 
forget it 

going back home 
wanted to discuss what your bringing to clares party in your big tent in your 
back garden 

going out of your front door now 

Bang bang slam 
sory but your inges have come off your fornt door 

oops better run 
Love Carol xxxx   

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