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Hi Miss Piggy, in the subject line you should have put "  As Sick As A  Pig.  "

You say your going to take it easy at your next party. Pork pie, sausage and 
salad and cake. That's what you call take it easy. wow. meow meow meow. Yes, 
that's what I said Casper. See even he knows.

Well I hope you feel better now.  love. Malcolm. xxx.

Oh not joking knew it would all catch up with me all that have eaten over past 
week at my christmas parties 

My tummy felt all sickly after 5.30pm oh had to run to bathroom sikc then lie 
down on couch with blanket for a while drinking water 
then ran again half an hour later oh my god must of needed it 
I didn't think I would get away with it 
fine now though done me good bringing it all up 
before christmas our julie told me on phone to go steady on Wednesday at our 
christmas party here in our coffee club so going to just have sandwiches and 
salad and sausage rolls 
got glass of cold water here now 
Right take care all 
Going to rest 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Hi Miss Piggy, in the subject line you should have put

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