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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 14:40:21 -0000

Hi Carol,
Chris thinks that there is an 11 or 12 hour time difference, New Zealand being 
ahead. If your friend who lives in the UK  was to Skype her friend in New 
Zealand at 9am. it would be 8 or 9pm in New Zealand. 
I hope this is clear to you, if not then ring me.
from your friend 
Daring Dawn xxx

Good morning all 

I got friend in new zealand 
she wants to skype her friend mary in manchester 
she is strugling 
she asked me how do you work the british times out for her to skype mary in 

but I couldn't help her at all 
I told her I have no idea at all 

I told her not on skype 
so can't help her 

infact I do not know how many hours they are either in front or behind in new 
so felt awful couldn't help 
maria in new zealand to skype her friend mary in chester 
so asking anybody on here if they understand the times in new zealand 
so for example 
if mary from chester wanted to skype maria in new zealand 
what the best times she should skype her 
thank you 

Love Carol xxxx 

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