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  • Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 16:08:35 +0100

Hi Carol, I have just woke from nodding off  at the computer. Yes the Chase was 
good last night.I am still waiting for my computer  to be sorted out, no phone 
call yet from someone  at Dolfin Going to lay down now, as Chris is not to well 
so have had to help  look after him more, think it may have been brought on by 
the Flue jab he had Yestoday. 
Always happy to do the TV viewing for you who follow it. Hope you get your 
printer sorted out soon. 
Best Wishes to you all. 
Daring Dawn 

hi all 
Oh at long last on computer our JAMES  been on it but can't get the damn new 
ink cartridges to print my letters although they are the same number and same 
ink how strange not accepting my ink cartridges 
alez told me to remove the tabs 
still no luck this is all weird because same ones and brand new 

my printer is £80 from Assda 
only 12 months old 
printed articles for blind labels only last week 


I went in coffee group today not been in for weeks 
enjoyed it no bingo today no food oh dear not good hahahhahahahaha 

oh well not to worry 

dry today thank god 

right must go now as James weill be back soon he has gone to get some more ink 
cartridges to try out 
right have nice day all 
please god you get your rugs sorted soon 
ah i know its awful you couldn't get them sold by the person.

i know you put lots of time and efforts in to them .
glad noah is fine brilliant 
posting his little T-Shirts today waiting for James now 

he can write your address out for me 
hope you don't mind me treating baby to nice little t-shirts 

did you see email where we described the baby on photos 

hope so 

thank you for tv programms 
great corrie is on tonight didn't know it was on tonight 

lets hope the chase is good again tonight 
wow won by one second last night i was hanging on to edge of my settee 

loved the jokes 
love Carol xxxx

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