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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:23:17 -0000

Hi John,
Firstly you have not bored anyone with this sad news.
You know deep down you have done the right thing, even though it may not feel 
it at this time.
You know she has gone to a good home with someone that knows Winnie, and will 
care and look after her and give her the well earned retirement she deserves .
I Can truly say this because like many I have had to do this myself.Sadly my 
Guide dog Fleur never had the long Rtirenent I so much wanted for her, She 
sadly passed away six months later with spondelitus .
Myself and the people that had her were devastated but it is true what they say 
Time Is A Great Healer.
You will always have the memories.
Dawn and Chris 

Hi all,
Yesterday I did something I have been thinking about for some time. I sent my 
dear old retired guide dog Winnie to a good home.  I did this because I am 
getting so feeble in my old age that I can no longer look after her properly. 
Winnie is a long coated German Shepherd and grooming is something that must be 
done regularly and properly. The lady who has taken her is Jill, the dog walker 
who has taken her out every afternoon for a run for the past 2 years. She has 
another dog, Holly who is a Labrador cross Cocker Spaniel and both dogs get on 
well together. 
After more than 7 years partnership, parting with a friend is a hard thing to 
do and as I write this, the tears are rolling down my face. But, I know she has 
a very good home and I will get over it eventually. 
Sorry to bore everyone with this, but I felt I had to tell someone. 
Love John 

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