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Hi Jenny,
It looks like the thief also lost her purse,this shows that they don't care 
about other peoples feelings and the loss of your purse doesn't mean a thing to 
them,it also means that in the future you should keep your purse in a body belt 
or something like that.

All the very best 

From me Keith  

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this week's mistery for
 you to solve.
I had my purse stolen, a common problem in this area, I did all the usual 
things cancelled cards,reported it to the police etc. The following week I 
received a call from the police saying that my purse had been handed in, so off 
we went only to find it wasn't my purse but it had all my cards and £40 in this 
unknown purse ! as well as some unknown cards.
The police have not met this before and could not explain it, any ideas?

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