[guide.chat] Hi Malcolm

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 20:59:19 -0000

HI Sweet boy 
your not going to believe this now 
are you sitting down 
got another egg yep you heard right 
this is dark choclate bunny in plastic container oh my god got 7 now 
not complaining though hahahahahahahahaha 
oh my god got egg shop now in my kitchen hahahahahahahahaha if I see another 
egg going to scream out so loud my tonsils weill snap hahahahahahahahahaha 
oh so funny isn't it?

well should of gone to lovely afternoon party in henshaws 
carer told me to cold and bad to travel plus odd delays on the tram service 
from piccadilly to trafford so not taking any chances 
oh my god malcolm it was shocking freezing cold bitter strong wind hated it 
been sleeting sinced 6pm here tnight going to be so bad tomorrow saturday 

I manage to get to our local little asda round corner here me and carer were 
oh couldn't wait to get home.

got few bits 
got home we had fairy easter cake with cuppa together had nice chat 
she then cleaned all my flat bless her while she was doing that 
I was shrdding paper work in my electric shrdder she was keeping eye on me at 
same time 
so I didn't shred ten fingers 

then we had nice chat over coffee while she cooked me 
beef thin sausages mashed potatoes carrots and sweeds cabbage gravy oh wow 
beautiful tea she cooked me there 

so yes busy all day 

can hear the strong wind now 
my sister told me her two weely bins blew over in her back garden 

well malcolm you daft brush doing all that on your stair case you plonker your 
supposed to carry your cat down stairs not trip over him hahahahahahahaha 
my friend got double bells on her cats colur so she can hear her cat treatle 
walking around 

oh sorry but couldn't stop laughing at all what happend there like somthing out 
of a carry on film hahahahahahahahahahaha 
oh it was so funny 
might not have been for you but made me laugh so much oh honestly malcolm  be 
careful mate ok 

oh your day in your club was great and your lion you made ah nice 
must go now going to get my can of shandy now as going on skype to my best 
friend elaine 
take care be careful in future 
love carol xxxx

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