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Hi Dazzling Darren, oh thank you so much for the compliments it's very much 
appreciated. No worries about the support. That's what friends are for after 
all. Well it's stopped raining now and the sun's out at last hurray but don't 
know how long for. Well I'm now going for that all important medicine and a 
good old cuppa. Love Clare xxx

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Hi Clare,

Thank-you for your kind words.

It's nice to know there are such nice people out there.

I know things will get sorted eventually but who knows when that will be.

In the meantime I'm comforted by all your support and helpful words.

Have a nice week and I hope the rain stays away for you.

love Darren. xxx

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Hi Dazzling Darren, you certainly going through a bad time at the moment you 
are always in my thoughts at this difficult time. It may not seem it now but 
things will get better. Love Clare

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