[guide.chat] Hi Carol

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 13:05:00 +0100

Hi Carol, oh so happy you got your rain mac yesterday you will certainly need 
it in this weather. It's not good here today either. Glad you enjoyed that 
yummy KFC. Oh that's so cool you will be out with your Stella tomorrow I know 
you will have a lovely time and catch up quality time together as always. How 
exciting she's getting your early birthday present oh can't wait to hear what 
it is. You certainly have a lovely busy week next week so will look forward to 
that and at least as you say tennis will be over then so life will go back to 
normal hahahaha. Oh you so funny. Let's hope Julia's having a lovely time in 
Benidorm. At least she's escaped this awful weather the best way. Oh Carol 
that's so cool Elaine has been reading you Just Jill by Jill Allen King. I 
listened to that book on daisy talking book a while ago it's certainly a very 
good book very interesting all about her life. I remember I told you about it 
when I was reading it all that time ago. Do you know Jill now has another book 
out? It's called Jill's Leading Ladies and it's all about her guide dogs she's 
had in her life as a totally blind person. It's a kind of tribute to her dogs. 
I'm certainly going to get that one when it comes out on daisy talking book. 
Keep you posted when I get it and what it's like. It should be good. Well today 
I'm just chilling out with my usual medicine. I certainly have the best place 
home keeping warm for sure. Not sure what's for tea yet. My mum's on a school 
trip. The Olympic torch is now in Leicestershire so my mum's gone to see it 
with the school how exciting. Can't wait to hear all about how it all went. I 
know you will want to hear too so keep you posted. Well have a good day and 
enjoy the tennis. Yes so happy Emmerdale's on for an hour tonight. The soaps 
were good last night as always all action the way we like it. I enjoyed the 
riverside club as you know. Love Clare xxxx

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