[guide.chat] Good afternoon all

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 15:01:43 -0000

hi all 
yes been to Town good 
finally now got all my christmas shopping done oh hali loo ya 
oh boy am i glad 
done now 

posted 4 more card out this morning then blow me got two cards from strangers 
Never ends does it?hahahahahahahahaha feel like screaming just when you think 
all your cards are now done and finished with more pour in.

Ihad cheese and onion hot paninie in cafe today with salad turkish delights 
yummy they offered us all them free 
oh wow 
never had turkish delights before like jelly inside them 
selling them in big boxes in marks and spencers for £5 
never got any though 

after that got more cards in pound shop colurd cards for my craft 
got pvc glue our vanessa advised me to get 
so got two bottles now in 

then went in hmv as new charity single cd for £4 is now out but blow me 
couldn't think of the damn song it was called 
oh well never mind 
the x factor stars all singing on it for to raise money for children 
oh god couldn't think of it 
i loved the x factor last night.
james arthur won it last night it was so emotional tears came down my cheeks 
can't help it i always cry when somthing like this happens .
oh wow enjoyed it all last night finished now till next year 
loved every seconds of it.
Garmaine was wonderful singer but poor him never got the x factor crown 
still get on now though can't go home now he is too good 

oh wish i knew what that single was for charity 

posting you new doll now busty 16 years old rubber doll she has 
58 bust and 22 weist 
22 hips very long legs 
black hair up to her hips 
she is gorgeous brown eyes 

posting her on friday to you 
the grannie one gone back now hahahahahahahahahaha cost me ten pound to return 
her back to japan 
special delivery.

you can do what ever you like with her 
she is gorgeous 


what have you and your P.A. done today anything nice?

glad you told us aobut your dog winnie 

nice your doggies still at home with you ah nice 

bet you be getting them christmas treats 

nice you be spending christmas day at home nice 
i think its nice to have christmas music on 

i got michael bauble cd to play at my sisters 
and my new rod stewart christmas baby cd 


ah nice you worry about me  yes no need to worry now got heating put on high 
all thanks to you 

your christmas music is nice on links but got them all on my christmas albums 
cool yea 

right going to check my chicken casserolle now carer made smells so yummy 

love carol xxxx

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