[guide.chat] Food for thought: Aren't lawyers nice?

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Hello all,

Here is an posting I received from an American-oriented list.

Paul Benson.

     *     *

Regardless of the usual guff, lawyers catch from the common folk, this little
story will show you, that there are some lawyers, who care very much for the
welfare of the less fortunate.

A prosperous and wealthy lawyer, was on his way home from his luxurious
offices in Manhattan, New York district

As his limousine was heading down one of the through ways, the lawyer noticed
what appeared to be a family, on their hands and knees, eating grass in one of
the Green Belts.

He ordered his driver to pull over, so he could witness this phenomena, and
perhaps lend a hand, or offer assistance to the family.

The lawyer got out of the limo, and approached the family. AS the lawyer
approached, the family began to be afraid, and started to run away. The lawyer
called to what appeared to be the husband, and bade him to come and talk.

The uneasy husband did approach the lawyer, showing obvious trepidation.

"Why are you eating the grass", the lawyer inquired.

:This is the only food we can find, and my children are hungry", responded the

"Well", noted the Lawyer, "let me help you. I can arrange for your family to
have plenty of food, if you will allow me to do so", finished the lawyer.

The husband gave it some thought, looked at the luxurious black limo,
awaiting at the edge of the Green Belt, and decided that this was, indeed, a
gift from Above. So, he agreed.

The lawyer summoned the family to climb in his limo, and accompany him to his
home in the country, so that they might be generously fed.

The family got into the limo, and the husband asked if the lawyer, could also
help another family, who were hiding in the trees, for fear of being arrested,
or worse.

With a large, generous smile, the lawyer told the husband, to go fetch the
family, and have them also climb into the limo.

When all were aboard the now crowded limo, the lawyer instructed his driver,
to drive to his house.

As the limo approached the lawyers mansion, the homeless families were
overcome with awe, at the splendor and size of the home.

The limo entered the tree lined drive, and rolled smoothly along the
curved driveway.

When the limo came to a stop, the lawyer bade the homeless families to exit
the limo, and prepare to feast until their stomachs were filled.

"Follow me", directed the lawyer, as he led the families around the
magnificent home.

When they had reached the outdoor patio, complete with heated pool and sauna,
the lawyer pointed to his private polo ground. He instructed them: 

"See that spacious lawn, the Blue Grass is almost a foot high. It will
provide all the food you can eat, so eat til your heart's content.

End of forwarded email.

See, lawyers can be nice. No where in this report, did the lawyer, even think 
of asking them to contribute to his petrol costs.    

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