[guide.chat] Clare's lovely day

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide Chat List" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 19:41:11 +0100

Good evneing clare 
Oh its lovely to be online again after my bad spell of dreadful no email 
Puts you right off hahahahaha 
I am much happier now thank goodness for that 
I was  glad to hear about your lovely time at dance wow you danced the men off 
their feet hahahahahaha what are you like  good for you I say proud of you now 
Well Your fish fingers and chips sounded so yummy now Jamie on here is a copy 
cat now just like us hahahahahaha 
Oh all this choclate is making you too energitic now can't have this can 
Hey clare bet Jamie would make a lovely dance partner for you oh wow now just 
imagine that now 
Right Clarre give us all a twirl now right Jamie hold clare in the right 
posision are you both ready?
do the waltz we are all clapping here now for you both ah you both look great 
well done 

How that!
Right about my day now 

Well Julia called about 10.30am 
We chatted did some cards for me sighted birthday cards sorted my toaster out 
bumpoms fallen off my toast nearly burned this morning   The we called to poast 
office.  After that we  went to little day centre had nice chat they all had 
things going on  two were on there mobiles one knitting one was making a doll 
one was rug making one was sorting the avon book out for us as we all ordered 
far away perfume set 
one was making the tea and toasted crumpets one was making cards i made 
christmas cards too two were on computer in there developing there 
grandchildrens photographs  nice atmosphere in there today 
After that we went to luncion club oh it was good We had sausage casserolle 
with home grown vegetables from there own allotment how cool is that?
very nice indeed 26 people in there all eating oh it only cost me £4 for home 
made vegetable soup cob and sausage casserole and rice pudding but i never had 
that I had cheese on crackers wow not bad for £4 
Nice volunteers in there too 
After that Julia took me to Cosco's large warehouse 
she bought her grandaughters christmas present its a 
Alien doll with square head computer on top of its head hahahahahaha it does 
all sorts should think so for £45 wow nearly fainted there 
If your child put music on cd in the living room the doll reconises it and 
dances to it and it also tells jokes laughed and sings and talks 
 its called 


wow toys expensive nowdays 
its spongy material you can hug it by squeezing it 

After that we went for glass of coke in there cafe too 
came home 
So that is my day 

Take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x. 

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