[guide.chat] Clare's lovely day

  • From: "Carol O'Connor" <missbossyboots33@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "guide Chat List" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 21:08:17 +0100

Good evening clare 
Oh my god why didn't I get this email now this is very weird 
I was annoyed so all I can think of now when my server refused to send my 
recieved emails in for good ten minutes how very weird 
Clare oh that is fantastic there 
oh good old mr mould for volunteering to take you great 

Oh clare its lovely what games you did with janet ah she is so lovely she is 
always in every week too noticed that she is harddly off is she?
shows how much she loves her own little club 
Do you remember that thursday club I walked out on well now only 7 go there now 
isn't that sad?
glad i am out of it now 
Clare that is brilliant your shoing pat the mobile c15 wow fantastic tutor you 
are now hahahahahahaha 
you always was a smart ars you know too smart for the likes of me 
hey clare thought that Oasis phone has stopped now didn't r.n.i.b stop making 
sure you told me that couple of years ago 
let me know 
Oh that if brilliant there your going to go to her house great 
so happy for you now horray 
Ah nice your Jamie si coming tomorrow to play your games great 
Pass time on for you there 

Clare do you remember me telling you yesterday julia getting bird house yanky 
dandle weill she went back this morning to get the golf one wow for her step 
father freddie wow he wiell love it now for his birthday on september 11th 
so your dad can't have it now hhahahahahaha 

Clare enjoy your evening please please please god no more riots tonight again 
oh do hope not 
take care 
Love miss piggy boots oynk oynk x.x.x.x.

Clare wrote today 

Well I had a lovely time at Janet's blind club as always and at least I didn't 
get stressed this time as I knew my good old daddy was taking me there as we 
knew there was no volunteer drivers for me. We did word games, a quiz and Janet 
read more jokes out to us. We had choc biscuits with a good old cuppa. Well now 
for the amazing news. Pat managed to get her phone swapped as she wasn't 
getting on well with the c5 one. She now has an Oasis 22c and she seems so much 
happier with it although she still has a lot to learn. I used to have that 
phone so I offered to help her and give her a lesson how cool. She seemed to 
take in what I was showing her but the test will be when she tries it out on 
her own at home. I gave her my mobile number and she gave me hers but as I'm 
able to put new contacts in both my phone and her phone I did that for her as 
well as for me. I told her to ring me if she gets stuck. My parents offered to 
take me over to Pat's house if she gets stuck so I can give her a private 
lesson and she said that will be ideal so we arranged that next Friday will be 
ok for us both as Pat has Fridays free and it's my quiet week with no blind 
clubs so that will work out well. My parents will spend time in town while I 
spend time with Pat not bad going. I can't wait for us to be able to text each 
other when she gets into using her phone how cool. For tea it was fish fingers 
with mash and white sauce and that yummy aero mousse and later aero balls so my 
all important chocolate fix in a big way. Well both my clubs are in the 
afternoon from 2 till 4 and as the traffic's usually bad I'm late home and then 
it's tea time so that's why I'm late on here when I'm at both clubs Mondays and 
Wednesdays. It's the same for the dance so when we start back in September it's 
from 1.30 to 4 PM. I'm missing it so can't wait to start back again. Well my 
nephew Jamie will be here tomorrow it will be lovely I'm looking forward to us 
playing dominoes and my board games again. Love Clare xxxx 

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