[guide.chat] Chocolate and babies on here

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 20:45:14 +0100

Hi Vanessa, oh, this sounds very good to me. Yes I'm sure our Malcolm would 
love smacking us all for being very naughty but nice of course pinching all the 
sweeties. All us kids will be fighting over the sweeties so will have his work 
cut out keeping us all in order for sure hahahaha. Oh this would be such fun. 
So let's go to Vanessa's right now and get this party started cool yea. I'm all 
ready and raring to go. Love middle baby Clare xxxx

hello all you chat babies and chocolate lovers, how about this for an idea, as 
we are all part of this chat family why don't we have a family get together, 
some of us older ones could adopt you younger ones and share our wisdom and the 
young ones could help us oldies to get out and about,  we could share 
experiances and swop stories, stop you naughty kids from pinching all the 
sweeties, am sure our Malcolm would like to smack your little botties to try 
and make you behave, where would be a good place to meet, what do you all 
think, answers to the chat line please, it sounds like Vanessa and Malcolm are 
having such a good time but feeding him sounds like a full time job, shall we 
go to Wales to give our brilliant google girl some support, take care, Vanessa 
x x

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