[guide.chat] Carol's lovely day

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 18:27:29 -0000

Hi Carol oh I do hope the subject line came out on this one. I put Carol's 
lovely day on subject. Oh so happy you had a lovely time in day centre as 
always and did so well on the music quiz just my thing. Your prize sounds so 
cool. Ah how lovely Julia gave you the chocolate coins she won so you got your 
medicine there for sure. Oh that song release me is so lovely. Oh those cards 
sound so cool and yes home made always the best more personal and special. I 
love home made cards and those I can feel are the best. How cool you got the 
dreamboats and petticoats Christmas CD yes that's exactly the one my mum got me 
last week it's very good. I'm so happy I told you about it although for anyone 
who doesn't know I will explain that the Christmas version is just a special 
one. It's not dreamboats and petticoats 5. Mum also got a Cliff Richard 
Christmas CD free out of the daily mail paper it's very good too. I'm going to 
ask Janet tomorrow if I can bring the music for our Christmas party in 2 weeks 
time as then I can take those 2 CD's that will be so cool. Glad you got the x 
factor single not bad going. Well enjoy those yummy goodies from Greg's and 
glad you got your medicine with those cakes of my name sake. You are certainly 
living up to your name miss piggy today for sure haha. Well I haven't been 
dancing as not been feeling so well and wasn't up to it so that's 2 weeks I 
have now missed oh dear so will certainly have to make up for lost time next 
week. What a good job I was ok last Tuesday for my amazing day out as missing 
out on that would be a nightmare. Can't believe that's a week ago now. Well I 
did put my afternoon to good use as I got all my Christmas cards finished with 
the help of my mum and also we got a parcel sorted out and posted for my 
special friend Carol on here so we are both very happy we have got it all 
organised now. Oh Carol I know you will be all excited now. Let's hope you get 
the parcel either today or tomorrow. Well I'm sure I will be ok for Janet's 
blind club tomorrow. Enjoy your coffee club as always. Well had to get my home 
and away fix before sending this hahahaha. Love Clare xxxx

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