[gtk-server] Re: config file

  • From: Peter van Eerten <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 02:09:49 +0100

Hi Jim,

Well, the configfile also contains GTK functions which might be defined
differently. For example:


Instead of the 'NULL' at the end, you could also say 'STRING', so a text will
be displayed in the frame. However, for the interpreted programming stuff I
like to define a simple frame first, after which a text can be put into the
frame separately with "gtk_frame_set_label". I am not sure if this is possible
the other way around.

In other words: a few functions in the configfile are defined in a restricted
way. Just to let you know.

Furthermore I have successfully implemented your parser. I needed to strip it a
little, some modifications, but the core is there.

So I have uploaded a new release of the GTK-server. Since the change with your
parser will have effect on the current basic funcionality, I have increased the
releasenumber to 1.3. Here are the files:


I did not announce it on the GTK-server website yet, since I am busy changing
my demo programs. However, the downloadable packages contain adjusted scripts
and documentation, which should show how to use the new GTK-server.

So what took me so long? As usual, the MinGW port was extremely troublesome,
especially on the STDIN interface. Your parser worked well, but passing a
newline to STDIN and continue reading behind it, that was a real challenge.

Anyway, thanks for your good parser! I feel it has improved the GTK-server a
lot, since the (interpreted) client code is much nicer to read.



Citeren Jim Bailey <sleepydgym@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Morning Peter,
> Firstly, thank you very much for the gtk-server.cfg
> file, it is useful beyond words. I have just updated
> my clisp-gtk2 binding to use it, so that now supports
> everything in there.
> Secondly, I know that the ability to add new functions
> to the file without recompiling anything is great (I
> don't like waiting for compilers that is for sure),
> but, it would also be possible to use the file to
> generate all necessary C code to make a standalone
> executable. Handling the floats and different numbers
> of arguments would be much easier.
> I think I might have a little play with that idea when
> I next get some spare time, it would make deployment
> just that one little bit easier.
> Good luck if you get chance to play with my dumb
> parser, and if you are happy with the syntax I would
> be willing to help convert some of the example
> scripts, I have access to at least some of languages
> on Linux.
> Regards,
> dgym

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