[gtk-server] Re: clisp, gtk-server & glade-2.10

  • From: CLisp <card.lemoine@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Jim Bailey <sleepydgym@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 17:24:40 +0200

Hi Jim, hi Peter

Le Vendredi 5 Mai 2006 18:39, Jim Bailey a écrit :
> Hi Peter, hi Alain.
...great work Peter. What you say about the
> floating types is interesting, if gtk1 uses
> single-floats exclusively and gtk2 uses double-floats
> then my gtk.lisp needs to be updated.
> The simplest fix (if you know you are going to use
> gtk2, which is the sort of thing you should know up
> front really) is to change the type conversion in
> (read-gtk-server-cfg) so that float is mapped onto
> 'double-float.
> If you then coerce gtk_hscale_new_with_range's
> parameters to 'double-float everything seems to work
> as  it should.

Indeed it seems working like that ... on the other condition that getting min, 
max and step parameters were extracted in the right order (forget me !) :
           (let ((adjust
                   (get-strm-mult-prop "adjustment" props) ())))
;;;          (format t "min = ~g~%" (coerce (fifth adjust) 'double-float))
;;;          (format t "max = ~g~%" (coerce (fourth adjust) 'double-float))
;;;          (format t "step = ~g~%" (coerce (third adjust) 'double-float))
             (setq new-widget
                    (coerce (fifth adjust) 'double-float)
                    (coerce (fourth adjust) 'double-float)
                    (coerce (third adjust) 'double-float)))))

Perhaps  should we parse again gtk-server.cfg to determine the right policy 
about the choice between 'single-float or 'double-float, should-we ?
> I hope that helps, if not, give me a shout.
Thank you Jim. I find your package really wonderfull. As I said I'm a new 
comer in clisp but I can't imagine not to have a gui tool whatever the 
language one has to develop with. I've had a glance (a little more than a 
glance perhaps) on all these links that CLIKI points to and found no more 
than three viable possibilities (old clx/clue and "consorts", ltk, and 
gtk-server). gtk-server has "ma préférence" because it is coupled with GTK2 
and glade,  two splendid tools with continuous activity and realises. Then 
the importance of your work.

Kind regards and thanks to Peter

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