[gtk-server] [GTK-server mailing] New version 1.2 released

  • From: Peter van Eerten <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 16:52:20 +0200

Hi everybody,

A groundbreaking step in the development of the GTK-server has become reality.
Two major design updates were implemented.

1) The callback command 'gtk_server_callback' will return the widget ID which
has emitted the signal. The mainloop of the client program needs to use this
command only once to retrieve a signal. Also, the GTK-server can take care of
updating the widgets automatically.

2) Every widget can listen to multiple signals using the new command
'gtk_server_connect'. With this option all limitations with GTK widgets have
been removed.

Release notes:

- BUILD 1:

. Major changes in callback functionality; hence new releasenumber
. Ability to add extra signals per widget, each with own identifier
. Bugfix: returning empty STRING from GTK widget does not crash GTK-server 
. Bugfix: do not crash with '-1' as widget reference
. Improvements in the GTK-server KILL-script (Linux)

All the documentation, manpages, demoscripts and applications at the GTK-server
website have been updated. The new release is ready for downloading.


Peter van Eerten 


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