[gtk-server] Re: Calendar Widget

  • From: Peter van Eerten <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 00:29:47 +0200

Hi Bill,

I took the liberty to completely reorganize your program. First, I defined the gtk_calender_get_date as follows in 'gtk-server.cfg':

FUNCTION_NAME = gtk_calendar_get_date, NONE, NONE, 4, WIDGET, LONG, LONG, LONG

Then, your program looks as follows (I removed some comments to save some space):

# Import GTK-server for Unix or Windows and create global symbols for GTK function names

(if (= (last (sys-info)) 6)
        (import "gtk-server.dll" "gtk")
        (set 'cfgfile (open "gtk-server.cfg" "read")))
        (import "libgtk-server.so" "gtk")
        (set 'cfgfile (open "/etc/gtk-server.cfg" "read"))))

(cond ((not cfgfile)(println "No GTK-server configfile found! Exiting...")(exit)))

(while (read-line cfgfile)
    (if (starts-with (current-line) "FUNCTION_NAME")
            (set 'func (chop ((parse (current-line) " ") 2)))
(set 'lb (append {(lambda()(setq s "} func {")(dolist (x (args))(setq s (string s " " x)))(get-string (gtk s)))}))
            (constant (global (sym func)) (eval-string lb)))))

(close cfgfile)

(constant (global 'NULL) "NULL")

#------------------------------------------------------- Demo program

(gtk_init NULL NULL)
(gtk_server_glade_file "puppydiary.glade")
(set 'winID (gtk_server_glade_widget "main_window"))
(set 'event (gtk_server_connect winID "delete-event win"))
(set 'exitID (gtk_server_glade_widget "button_exit"))
(set 'event (gtk_server_connect exitID "clicked exit"))
(set 'printID (gtk_server_glade_widget "button_print"))
(set 'event (gtk_server_connect printID "clicked print"))
(set 'entryID (gtk_server_glade_widget "entry1"))
(set 'calendarID (gtk_server_glade_widget "calendar1"))
(set 'event (gtk_server_connect calendarID "day-selected calclick"))

(println "Event: " event) # calclick event ID
(println "calenderID: " calendarID)

# Declare memory - 32 bits
(set 'arg1 (dup "\000" 4))
(set 'arg2 (dup "\000" 4))
(set 'arg3 (dup "\000" 4))

# Mainloop starts here
(while (and (!= event "exit") (!= event "win"))

    (set 'event (gtk_server_callback "wait"))

    (cond ((= event "calclick")
(set 'tmp (gtk_calendar_get_date calendarID (address arg1) (address arg2) (address arg3)))
        (println "Year is: " (get-int arg1))
        (println "Month is: " (get-int arg2))
        (println "Day is: " (get-int arg3))
        # A way of printing the result as a list:
        #(println (unpack "ld" arg1))
        #(println (unpack "ld" arg2))
        #(println (unpack "ld" arg3))
(gtk_exit 0)

Now, when you click on the calender widget, the year, month and date will be printed on the console.

Please note:

1) This program was only tested in Windows, but should run on Linux as well
2) The trick *only* works when using the GTK-server as a Shared Object.


Quoting Bill Christiansen <bill.christiansen@xxxxxxxxx>:

Well, I set the basic gui up using newLISP and Glade this time but there
must be something I'm not doing as so far it's working the same as the other
script languages I tried, all the basic stuff is working but I still can't
retrieve the date from the calendar.

# Demonstration on how to use the GTK-server as Shared Object with newLISP
# a glade file.
# Tested with newLISP 9.1.1 on Puppy Linux 2.14.
# April 13, 2007, bill dot christiansen at gmail.com

# Setup gtk-server
(import "libgtk-server.so" "gtk")

# Optionally enable GTK logging
(gtk "gtk_server_cfg log")

# Connect to the GTK-server
(gtk "gtk_init NULL NULL")
# Load a Glade File
(gtk (append "gtk_server_glade_file puppydiary.glade"))
# Get widget ID of window
(set 'winID (get-string (gtk "gtk_server_glade_widget main_window")))
# set the return string for window delete-event
(set 'event (gtk (append "gtk_server_connect " winID " " "delete-event
#Get the widget ID of the exit button
(set 'exitID (get-string (gtk "gtk_server_glade_widget button_exit")))
# set the return string for exit button click event
(set 'event (gtk (append "gtk_server_connect " exitID " " "clicked exit")))
# Get the widget ID of the save button
(set 'printID (get-string (gtk "gtk_server_glade_widget button_print")))
# Set the return string for the save button click event
(set 'event (gtk (append "gtk_server_connect " printID " " "clicked
# Get the widget ID of entry1
(set 'entryID (get-string (gtk "gtk_server_glade_widget entry1")))
# Get the widget ID of the calendar
(set 'calendarID (get-string (gtk "gtk_server_glade_widget calendar1")))
# Set the return string for the calendar day-selected event
(set 'event (gtk (append "gtk_server_connect " calendarID " " "day-selected

(println event) # calclick event ID
(println calendarID)

# Mainloop starts here
(set 'event 0)
(while (and (!= event "exit") (!= event "win"))
   (set 'event (get-string (gtk (append "gtk_server_callback WAIT"))))
   (cond ((= event "calclick")
   (set 'tmp (get-string (gtk (append "gtk_calendar_get_date "
   (println  tmp)

(gtk "gtk_exit 0")

With the "(get-string" there I'm getting "ok" returned for any date I click
on and if I take out the "(get-string" I get a number returned that
corresponds to the number for the click event.


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