[gtk-server] Re: Calendar Widget

  • From: "Bill Christiansen" <bill.christiansen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 11:09:36 +1200

Thanks, that makes sense and makes the code even cleaner. I'm making good
progress with your help and sucessfully sending a formatted long date to the

(set 'Year (string (get-int arg1)))
      (set 'Month (+ 1 (get-int arg2)))
      (set 'Day (string (get-int arg3)))
              (cond ((= Month 1) (set 'Monthlong "January")))
              (cond ((= Month 2) (set 'Monthlong "February")))
              (cond ((= Month 3) (set 'Monthlong "March")))
              (cond ((= Month 4) (set 'Monthlong "April")))
              (cond ((= Month 5) (set 'Monthlong "May")))
              (cond ((= Month 6) (set 'Monthlong "June")))
              (cond ((= Month 7) (set 'Monthlong "July")))
              (cond ((= Month 8) (set 'Monthlong "August")))
              (cond ((= Month 9) (set 'Monthlong "September")))
              (cond ((= Month 10) (set 'Monthlong "October")))
              (cond ((= Month 11) (set 'Monthlong "November")))
              (cond ((= Month 12) (set 'Monthlong "December")))
          (set 'seldate (append {"} Day " " Monthlong " " Year {"}))
          (gtk_entry_set_text entryID seldate)
          (gtk_text_buffer_set_text txtbuf seldate -1)


On 4/15/07, Peter van Eerten <turtle@xxxxxx> wrote:

Good news!

You could even write this part as follows:

(gtk_init NULL NULL)
(gtk_server_glade_file "puppydiary.glade")
(set 'winID (gtk_server_glade_widget "main_window"))
(gtk_server_connect winID "delete-event win")
(set 'exitID (gtk_server_glade_widget "button_exit"))
(gtk_server_connect exitID "clicked exit")
(set 'printID (gtk_server_glade_widget "button_print"))
(gtk_server_connect printID "clicked print")
(set 'entryID (gtk_server_glade_widget "entry1"))
(set 'calendarID (gtk_server_glade_widget "calendar1"))
(gtk_server_connect calendarID "day-selected calclick")

So as you see, it is not necessary to capture the returnvalue all the


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