[gsis_admins] Re: Two issues that we need to handle

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1.        I vote yes.

2.       I just asked my curriculum people if they had ever heard Dr. Burling 
speak before and they haven't.  My only thing is that I'm not sure we shouldn't 
be charging them for the privilege to speak.... I mean it is a for-profit 
company that is wanting to do a lunch presentation.... Would we let the other 
vendors do this?

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1. Priscilla has moved that we extend the conference rate of $230 until 
February 1.  Would anyone like to second this motion?

2.  Pearson is sending Dr. Kelly Burling to present education effectiveness 
common core sessions.  Dr. Burling is the Director of Educator Effectiveness at 
Pearson.  Dr. Burling has offered to speak on the importance of data entry and 
how the role of data specialists affect data quality and research information 
that teachers use to support student learning.  Would we like to accept her 
offer and have her speak during lunch on Tuesday?  As far as we know, there 
will be no charge.


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