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Thanks. I've already talked with my boss and we are writing up a plan to give 
to our RTT Coordinator. We are not asking, we are telling her this has to be 

Thanks again.

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Here is the list that we are going to use to track students missing pre- and 


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Here is what I have come up with.

-1 = student enrolled after the 65% window cutoff
-2 = student is GAA
-3 = student is Access
-4 = student dropped course before assessment given
-5 = student has pre-measure in another root section of course in school or 
-6 = student withdrew before test administration window
-7 = hospital/homebound or IEP'd home
-8 = B half of year long course; no pre-assessment given
-9 = A half of year long course; no post-assessment given
-10 = Student refuses to attempt assessment
-11 = Other (explanation required)

Let me know what you think.

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