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Great. Thank you!

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I received a letter via certified mail from Gainesville City Schools. It
turns out they were subjected to a state audit and they found a check from
2005 that belongs to the GSIS User Group in the amount of $125. If we do not
claim it, Gainesville City will be required to send the amount to the Georgia
Department of Revenue's Unclaimed Property Program. Gainesville City no
longer has electronic records that far back that she could verify, and I
don't have records that far back. Since they have to pay the money to someone,

I know since I have been Registrar, that we make a couple of attempts at
getting money owed us, but after a while we write it off to bad debt.

I signed the form saying it belonged to us, and I emailed it to Gainesville
City. We will have an extra $125 for our next conference in about 3 or 4

We also received a check for 1 of the 2 no shows from the last conference in
the amount of $230. I am going to try one more time to get the other check.

Also, only 7 board members have registered for the 2016 conference. Remember
that you are all supposed to be registered before the next meeting, May 6.


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Attached is a scanned copy of the Unclaimed Property form for check #872345
dated 1/24/2005 in the amount of $125.00 for the GSIS User Group.

The check can be mailed to:
GSIS User Group
ATTN: Registrar
PO Box 3243
McDonough, GA 30253

Thank you for your assistance. Let me know if you need additional information
from me.


Anna Tarleton
GSIS Registrar

<Gainesville City Bad Debt Receipt from 2005.pdf>

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