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I did talk to the Account Representative (Dan) for our insurance. He is
sending me a proposal, maybe two, for us to review. Since the State of Georgia
runs the Trade Center, he is recommending some changes for our insurance

Donna…Dan said just to hold onto any bills that you might have received.

BTW: I had a Middle School Principal called me TODAY and said the Chorus
teacher failed to enter some of her SLO Scores!!! Sharon Armour had to re-open
Student Class for me.



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Thanks Jesse. At our meeting we decided to leave everything the same.

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I will take care of this on Monday, June 29th. Thanks Donna.


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I just received an out-of-office from Carolyn. It says she will be gone until
July 13th. In her absence, can you help?

Thank you,

Lauren Ashley
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Bernard Williams & Company, LLC
6001 Chatham Center Drive | Suite 100 | Savannah | Georgia | 31405
Office: 912-234-4476 | 866-433-4476 | Fax: 912-232-8490
www.thepoweroftheshield.com <http://www.thepoweroftheshield.com>


From: Lauren Ashley
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Subject: FW: Insurance Renewal

Good Morning Carolyn,

This is a reminder that your insurance will expire on 07/01/2015. If you would
like to renew, please let me know. If not, please let me know that, as well,
so we can send you a Cancellation Request to submit to the carrier.

Thank you,

From: Lauren Ashley
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Subject: Insurance Renewal

Good Afternoon Carolyn,

Attached is the renewal application we spoke about this morning. I have
highlighted the sections that need your attention. I have filled in the rest
for you, but please make sure I have answered accurately on your behalf. If I
have answered incorrectly, please feel free to cross-out, or white-out, my
answer and write in the correct answer.

The carrier is also requesting current Audited Financials and an updated list
of Board Members.

I would appreciate you returning these items to me by 05/06/2015.

Also, per our conversation earlier today, another option would be to just get
D&O coverage for the year, and a short-term Special Event policy for the
conference. To get an Umbrella with the current carrier, Dan advises this will
be around an extra $1K. Please let us know which direction you would like to
move in. If you elect the 2nd option, there may be more applications with the
new carrier and we would need those turned around in a timely manner.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




<Renewal Application.pdf>

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