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My input is below:


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The following applications for board member were received last year.  All of 
them would like to be considered again this year to replace Tammy.  We have 
seen the applications before, so I want to try something different.  If you 
know any of these people, I would like for you to write a paragraph about that 
person (for each of the people you know) whether it is good or bad and send to 
me.  I will compile the paragraphs for each person and we will review them 
before we vote for the new member.

Samantha Mimbs
Monroe County Schools
I first worked with Samantha in Clayton County in the early 1990's. She started 
out as an AS400 operator, then we began training her as a programmer. She then 
moved to Monroe County and stayed home with her small children. When the 
youngest began school, she started working with her daughter's school as a 
parapro. Then she began training schools on how to use interactive white 
boards. That led to a position in the county Technology Department where she 
has had a couple of different roles. She now the Data Coordinator, handling 
State Reporting and Student Information. She has volunteered in the past to 
teach at GaETC.

Tamara Jacobs
Crisp County School
Tamara is at all the state reporting conferences. I don't recall her ever 
teaching, but she is usually pretty vocal in the sessions I have attended. She 
seems to have a good understanding of State Reporting, and she has an 
easy-going personality.

Kathy Davies
Lamar County  Schools

Christy Prosser
Jones County
I have been in a number of state reporting and Infinite Campus sessions with 
Christy. She seems to have a good grasp of state reporting, and the needs of a 
small school district.

Raegan Cantrell
Newton County

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