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I just spoke with Dr. Seigler.  He fully understands this issue of how the 
changing of course titles can complicate issues with advisement of students, 
work within the SIS, and, now, with CCRPI calculations.  He will be talking to 
Mr. Hobbs to inquire as to whether new course #s can be created for some of 
these areas, rather than changing titles on existing course #s.

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Ms. Deason,
Nancy Haight sent me the email below.  I am copying in Dwayne Hobbs, Program 
Manager for CTAE programs to see if he has anything to add.  You bring up a 
good point if I understand your question as we will have 2 distinct groups in 
the schools next year-new freshmen under the new pathways and the rest of the 
students that are trying to complete the old pathways.  If you would like to 
call and discuss this further, please feel free to call me at the numbers 
listed below.  I would like to make sure I understand your concerns before 
Thanks and take care,
Myrel Seigler

Can you advise on how both SLDS and CCRPI (pathway completion) are affected 
when the CTAE division change titles on existing course #s?  This is always 
confusing for us in our local SISs as well.  Wish there was some way that #s 
could be completely retired and new #s added, rather than changing titles.  Not 
sure what kind of pull you guys have in that area....

Myrel A. Seigler, Ed. D.
Program Manager, School Guidance and Counseling
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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