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Noralee was nice enough to share this with us!!!!

Thank You Noralee!!!

From: Deason, Noralee [mailto:ndeason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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To: Willis, Priscilla
Subject: FW: Start with This

From: Deason, Noralee
Sent: Friday, November 13, 2015 2:15 PM
To: 'Carolyn Oliver'
Subject: Start with This

There is probably a better way, but this is how I found those students with

1) Insert 2 columns to the far left on the download spreadsheet.

2) In the 1st column, enter this formula: =CONCATENATE(LEFT(H2,3),

3) In the 2nd column, enter this formula: =CONCATENATE(A2, ": ", N2, ":
", W2, "_", X2)

4) Fill both formulas all the way down.

5) Label the 1st column "Root Course" and the 2nd column "Course / Teacher
/ Student"

6) Highlight All.

7) Go to Insert - Pivot Table. Set up as follows:


8) Next, highlight cells from A4:C?? (wherever the actual data ends and
before the totals)

9) Do a Ctrl-C to copy.

10) Paste to a separate worksheet or workbook.

11) Apply a filter to column B (the count of GTIDs) for everything over 1.
This will give you students who seem to have multiple rows for the same root
course #.

12) Apply a filter to column C for >= .65. This will give you those that
were tagged as DNM 65% but have over 65% when the lines are combined.


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