[gsis_admins] FW: SB 372 - unweighted GPAs for determining HOPE eligibility

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Welcome back for most of you.  I know most have been on mid-winter break
and that is why I wasn't pushing this issue and a few other issues that we
as a board will need to look at together.

1.        For those not on the SLDS Governance board, just for your
information, we have a meeting coming up in March.  At this meeting, I have
requested time to discuss the DOE working with GSFC to transfer data
between them rather than having to upload to two different sites.  This
might be in vain, but it's worth a shot.

2.       I believe I have already forwarded you the information that Bob
Swiggum sent regarding SB 167.  If you did not receive it, it is attached.
It wouldn't hurt for the board to review the bill and outline concerns/give
suggestions and email committee members as soon as possible.  This will
need to be compared to FERPA and to see where it conflicts.  In fact, we
may want to see if Levette would be a ghost source by phone for us to keep
her from getting into any trouble.

3.       If you scroll to the bottom of this email on SB 372, you will see
where Josh Griffis would like us, as an organization, to address this bill
regarding the local school systems giving GPA's to determine HOPE
eligibility.  As we know, this would not be possible unless there was a way
for GSFC to give us this data.  But, as an individual school system giving
this data out, we are setting ourselves up for a lawsuit.

Carolyn, Anna and Priscilla, would you work on SB 167?  Jesse and Anthony
will you work on SB 372?  I would like everyone else to read both bills and
put in your two cents.  This is a group effort.  Please no slackers, this
is part of our job as board members and representatives of the counties of
Georgia.  Let try to have this finished and out by Friday if not sooner.



Denise Epperson

Administrative Technology

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Willis; Anna Tarleton; Swaim, Anthony; Denise Epperson
*Subject:* RE: SB 372 - unweighted GPAs for determining HOPE eligibility


I agree that this would be a good item for the GSIS Advocacy Committee.
Our new president could pursue this.


*From:* Josh Griffis [mailto:josh.griffis@xxxxxxxx <josh.griffis@xxxxxxxx>]
*Sent:* Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:41 AM
*To:* Noralee Deason; Carolyn Oliver; jpeavy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Priscilla
Willis; Anna Tarleton; Swaim, Anthony; Denise Epperson
*Subject:* SB 372 - unweighted GPAs for determining HOPE eligibility

Check out this bill introduced in the Ga Senate requiring local school
systems to provide an unweighted GPA to each high school student at the
conclusion of each year "for the purposes of determining HOPE eligibility."


I'm going to email my senator and the members of the Education & Youth
Committee (from my personal email) and request that the bill be revised or
eliminated since GSFC determines HOPE eligibility; not local school
systems.  Additionally, students can currently view their HOPE GPA on the
gacollege411 website so I wonder if the committee of senators even knows
that.  Perhaps GSIS could lobby the legislature and/or ask GSFC to contact
the legislature on this one as well.

Here is a list of the Education & Youth Committee:

If the bill passes, we can always include the GPA on the end of year report
card to satisfy the requirement, but the GPA our SIS calculates is not the
same as the HOPE GPA so I'm concerned that it would increase calls to our
counselors with parents/students that thought they were HOPE eligible based
on a GPA on the report card.


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