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My understanding is that it has been signed already and IDA(3) was approved by
the state board on April 22nd. What did you discuss about it this morning?

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Carolyn, It is SB 2 which has been passed this year and on the Governor desk to
be signed. We talked about SB 2 this morning at the GAINS Conference.

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Have any of you heard about this yet? Hopefully, we will get some guidance
from the DOE before the end of the year.

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Carolyn and Susan,
I was in a meeting today at Chatt Tech. This information was discussed and is
in IDA3 for next school year. Here is an example of one course. I know that
Marores has stated already that at a state CTAE meeting that this information
was presented to CTAE directors by Pam Smith.


While Marores and I don’t understand how this is not double dipping and don’t
agree that two credits should be awarded for the same course, I just need to
know what either of you have heard. Currently, we only post to transcript a
course that a student is enrolled in with a teacher involved on one line of
transcript history. When a course meets two area requirements such as CTAE and
Science, one course credit is on the transcript under CTAE. The transcript
audit shows that a science requirement has also been met. However, another
credit has not been awarded meaning two credits for this single course which
would mean two CIP codes, two different department categories, etc. Does this
mean that a student could graduate this year and take only 22 credits because
we would manually update transcript history with another CIP code, course
title, credit, etc.?

Of course, we use primary teacher override field for online, dual enrollment,
etc. courses. Would the same teacher’s name be on this added credit in science
in the example above? Is it expected that counselors will simply add another
entry to transcript history for these kinds of courses. How does this impact
the HiQ for the teacher? How does impact anything with TKES.

I am lost and confused….please note that this begins this school year. One
example is above.

Thank you for your help,

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