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Well, the regulations do say it has to be within one year prior to enrollment…. 
 But, someone told us we had to “re-do” them all prior to entry into 
Kindergarten… That the PK one wasn’t good anymore?  I’m beginning to think 
someone misinterpreted the law here, but just wanted to see if others were 
doing the same thing.

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We do not require a new Form 3300.  If a student comes from a pre-k to us with 
a Form 3300, we don't check the date.  We accept what the parent provides.


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For those of you who have school-based BFTS Pre-K Lottery programs, do you 
require an updated Form 3300 prior to entry into Kindergarten if you already 
got one as a condition of being admitted to Pre-K?  I have always been told by 
our nursing coordinator that we are required to.  She has had the school nurses 
to it for all Pre-K students so the parents don’t have the cost of repeating 
the EED.  Now, new regulations state school nurses can no longer do any portion 
of the EED except for the dental portion.  Our health department charges $30 
for the screening, so I hate to send the parents back to have it repeated.  
But, I’m not sure I see anything that indicates we are required to do it again 
for Kindergarten.  I’m checking with DOE Policy Division, but just curious as 
to how are y’all handling it?



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