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I agree with Noralee.  Now that we have the session descriptions for the
common core, I think we need to do another blast email and request the
receiver to forward to the appropriate person in their district.  I
think we should also include what a great value this is for only $230
registration fee compared to what Pearson normally would charge for
these sessions.

>>> "Deason, Noralee" <ndeason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 1/21/2013 2:46 PM

What I’m worried about is the superintendents and curriculum people
being informed of the Pearson sessions.  I think we’ll get another big
group of registrations if we let them know about the Common Core

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I think an email already went out to tell people that the session list
is on the front page of the website and will be kept up-to-date. The
only thing we don’t yet have is the actual schedule. I can tell that
some information went out because we’ve had an unusually large number of
registrants in the past few days. I doubt seriously we will go beyond
500. I say we wait until Friday. If we don’t go above 413 by then, we
order more. The 13 of us can forego bags, notepads and neck wallets to
keep us from needing to order 100 more. If we do decide to order more,
you need to get with Tammy to make sure we have more of the stuff she
got for us. 



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So you know when we might be something out about this via e-mail?  I
hate to be a pest, but I’ve got to decide on supplemental order for
bags, notepads, and neck wallets.  We have 403 registrants currently.  I
have 400 of each item….  The thing is that the note pads have a minimum
order of 50, but the tote bags and neck wallets have a minimum order of
100.  We need to make a decision by the end of the week if we’re going
to go ahead with a supplemental order of 100 of each item??  

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The Common Core Sessions are not sessions you have to stay in the
entire time.  That is what I thought to begin with. I was talking to Ed
before I left today and I think what we are going to do (Debra I am
planning on calling you in the morning) is offer one session on Monday,
3 Tuesday Morning,  Dr. Burling’s session right after lunch then present
the 3 from that morning again Tuesday afternoon. Then maybe repeat the
Monday session on Wednesday. We are thinking on doing  50 minute
sessions instead of making them longer.   Dr. Burling will arrive Monday
night and leaving Tuesday night. She is stopping by our conference on
her way to London. Some of the other presenters can only be here
Tuesday. They are all shuffling their schedules to attend the
conference.   People will then have an option if they want to attend
other sessions.  
The people attending the scheduling session will probably stay in that
strand for all the sessions.  You do not necessarily have to attend
Monday and Tuesday session for the Wednesday session. 
I did ask, just to make sure, that she was not going to make any type
of sales pitch.  Ed said no she doesn’t know anything about the sales
We need to send and place on our website the session information ASAP.
Also send out to any email groups we are a part of.  I hope this is
going to encourage a lot more people to register next week.  

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Am I correct that Pearson is expecting anyone who attends any part of
this strand, to be there for the duration?  I’m just thinking we need to
be clear with folks that these are “all or nothing” strands.  Those that
sign-up need to be committed to staying in that strand for the duration
of the conference, right?  I can just see some of my people thinking
“ooh, well, if I’m going to be there anyway, I may excuse myself long
enough to go over and hear the GSFC presentation.”  I think people may
do that anyway, but our correspondence with our attendees needs to be
I’m also kind of excited that some of our curriculum leaders might be
forced to have breakfasts, lunch, and break times with our school level
data folks.  Might open some eyes to get those groups in the same
conference together, and the luncheon speaker will help with bringing
those worlds together.  Beginning to get excited about this idea J
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